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ASEAN-Korea Centre

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ASEAN-Korea Centre

Welcome to the ASEAN-Korea Centre. The year 2020 marks the beginning of a new era of heightened partnership for ASEAN and Korea.

Since ASEAN and Korea established dialogue relations in 1989, the two regions have made extraordinary accomplishments. Two-way trade volume increased twenty-fold while the number of people-to-people exchanges grew forty times. Since 2010, ASEAN has been Korea’s second largest trading partner and the most popular travelling destination.

As such, ASEAN-Korea partnership today has become an integral part of the everyday lives of the peoples in the two regions. Young students of ASEAN, fascinated by the Korean Wave, are coming to Korea to learn more about the country. And Korean entrepreneurs, who saw great potential and dynamism in ASEAN thirty years ago, have now become major partners to the ASEAN Economic Community.

Building on such deep-rooted partnership, the leaders of Korea and the ten ASEAN Member States came together in Busan last year to attend the 2019 ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit and there agreed to build the People-centered Community of Peace and Prosperity of ASEAN and Korea.

The ASEAN-Korea Centre which is celebrating its 11th anniversary this year, is the only intergovernmental organization dedicated to promoting relations with ASEAN. This year, the Centre will strive to further strengthen the partnerships among the peoples of ASEAN and Korea towards a robust future together. Specifically, the Centre will carry out meaningful programs under the slogan “Connecting People, Sharing Prosperity” focusing on the following four main goals.

First, the ASEAN-Korea Centre will spare no effort in serving as a platform of cooperation for mutual growth and prosperity. The Centre aims to invigorate economic cooperation by organizing tailored programs in the field of trade and investment. Moreover, the Centre will also seek opportunities for cooperation in future technology through joint projects on smart cities and startups so that ASEAN and Korea can together make headway in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The driving force of ASEAN-Korea friendly relations and cooperation comes from exchanges among the peoples. In this regard, the ASEAN-Korea Centre will continue expanding cooperation in the areas of culture and tourism to introduce new and hidden charms of ASEAN. Also, by developing various creative contents on ASEAN culture, the Centre aims to set off an ASEAN Wave in the region.

Third, the ASEAN-Korea Centre aims to create an environment that promotes public engagement and ownership in ASEAN-Korea cooperation. To this end, the Centre will continue to raise public awareness on the importance of ASEAN-Korea partnership as well as foster friendship among the peoples through various networks. In this way, the Centre will step up efforts towards building a people-oriented, people-centered community.

Lastly, the Centre will make efforts to enhance our international and regional standing by strengthening professionalism of our staff as well as promoting cooperation with other ASEAN-related organizations including the ASEAN Secretariat.

ASEAN and Korea today form an important and integral part of each other’s futures. Our similarities and differences, both inspire and enrich us generating creative energy that will drive us forward to realize the vision for a future community together.

The ASEAN-Korea Centre looks forward to your continuous support and active participation this year as we take the first step of our journey together into the next 30 years of ASEAN-Korea relations. Thank you.

Lee Hyuk, Secretary General of the ASEAN-Korea Centre