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2019 ASEAN School Tour Program (October)

With the aim of increasing awareness and understanding about ASEAN and mutual understanding among the youths of Korea and ASEAN, ASEAN-Korea Centre (AKC) has regularly conducted the ASEAN School Tour and Youth Visit Program at the ASEAN Hall.

During the month of October 2019, AKC received 60 students from 2 schools in the ASEAN School Tour Program. Students had a glimpse of what it would be like to work in an intergovernmental organization through special lectures pertaining to ASEAN Member States. In October, a special visit program was conducted for the delegation of Al-Azhar Middle School from Bandung, Indonesia.

As part of the ASEAN School Tour Program. students participated in a special lecture to learn about AKC as an intergovernmental organization, and enjoyed partaking in various cultural activities such as sing traditional songs, make a poster, etc.

Date(s): October 2, October 8 (Total: 2 Sessions)

School Participants: Dong-Il Middle School, Al-Azhar Middle School (Indonesia)

▲ Al-Azhar Middle School Group Photo

▲ Dong-Il Middle School Poster Making

▲ Mme. Joelyartini Special Lecture with Al-Azhar Middle School

▲ Dong-Il Middle School ASEAN Quiz

▲ Dong-Il Middle School Special Lecture with Mr. Nong

Under the Ministry of Education’s initiative, ‘Ggumgil’, the AKC has been tasked to increase greater awareness and understanding of Korean students on ASEAN. AKC’s ASEAN School Tour Program provides students with the opportunity to experience cultural aspects of ASEAN member states and gives a glimpse of what a potential career at an intergovernmental organization could look like.

Held all year-round at the ASEAN Hall of the AKC, 2019 ASEAN School Tour Program consists of diverse educational parts: △ ASEAN Talk with AKC’s ASEAN Officials seconded to the AKC, △ Special Lecture on International Organization and career experience, △ ASEAN Quiz Contest, △ Creative cultural activities, etc.

For more details on ASEAN School Tour and Youth Visit Program at the ASEAN Hall, please contact: aseanhall@aseankorea.org, tel. 02-2287-1177/02-2287-1145

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