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'ASEAN Weekly Highlights' on ASEAN Travel Webpage

The ASEAN-Korea Centre publishes feature articles introducing the 10 ASEAN countries’ tourist destinations, food culture, lifestyle, and arts & culture on the ASEAN Travel Webpage every week. The themes for the second half of the year are as follows: △History & Heritage and △Post-pandemic Tourism. The articles feature interviews of local travel writers and tourism boards on tangible and intangible cultural heritages, history and festivals, presenting more vivid stories.


The special articles “Weekly ASEAN Highlights”, as well as various contents and photos can be accessed via the main banner on the ASEAN-Korea Centre’s website. Furthermore, the promotion has expanded to offline channel in the second half, and you can now view the articles in the Travie Magazine.


As international borders start to reopen to travelers gradually, we hope that you can prepare to visit Southeast Asia through the ‘Weekly ASEAN Highlights’.


Seminar on ASEAN-Korea Culture and Tourism 2022 Participation in the 25th Meeting of ASEAN Tourism Minister.