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“ASEAN Tourism Promotional Vehicle” in Jeju

ASEAN-Korea Centre hosted the ASEAN Tourism Promotional Pavilion, an annual program of the Centre that introduces ASEAN and promotes ASEAN culture and tourism to the Korean public. This year, the booth took the form of a promotional vehicle and visited major tourist destinations and schools in Jeju for four days (15-18 September), coinciding with the opening of the Jeju ASEAN Hall (15 Sep).


Under the theme of “Discover ASEAN, the Destination for Every Dream”, the AKC diversified the locations of the ATPV so that many people can see and visit the ATPV with a pleasant experience as they prepare for their trips to ASEAN. Also, the ATPV organized various interactive promotional events on ASEAN, such as true or false quizzes on the ten ASEAN countries and dice quiz games. Through these events, participants can learn more about the 10 ASEAN Member States in a fun and interesting manner.


▲ Saebyeol Oreum Volcanic Cone


▲ Jeju National University


▲ Seongsan Sunrise Peak


▲ Dongmun Traditional Market


Opening of the Jeju ASEAN Hall Opening of the Jeju ASEAN Hall