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'ASEAN Weekly Highlights' on ASEAN Travel Webpage

The ASEAN-Korea Centre publishes feature articles introducing the 10 ASEAN countries’ tourist destinations, food culture, lifestyle, and arts & culture on the ASEAN Travel Webpage every week.


The special articles “Weekly ASEAN Highlights”, as well as various articles, photos, and videos can be accessed via the main banner on the ASEAN-Korea Centre’s website.


The monthly themes for the first half of the year are as follows: △April: Culinary △May: Experience △June: Rediscovery △July: Culinary Heritage △August: Wellness. With COVID pandemic taking hold, we hope that the Korean public will be able to experience the unique colors of each country and reminisce about past trips to Southeast Asia through the ‘Weekly ASEAN Highlights’.



Online School Tour with Sungbo Middle School SG’s meeting with the Mr. Koo Man-seop, Acting Governor of Jeju Provincial Government