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MBC Every1 “South Korean Foreigners” - ASEAN Featured

ASEAN-Korea Centre produced a TV show, ““South Korean Foreigners” on MBC Every1. Featuring both ASEAN nationals and ASEAN-related quizzes, a special ASEAN edition of the show was produced and aired on December 9, 2020 for the first time on the occasion of the first anniversary of the 2019 ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit. The TV show casted 4 ASEAN youth in Korea from Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. These youth, the next-generation of ASEAN-Korea relations, are currently working in Korea as professionals-model, actress, and YouTube creator-and their talented aspects were introduced during the show. The quizzes covered not only basic information on ASEAN including capital cities of AMS but also important facts on ASEAN-Korea relations such as most popular travel destinations in ASEAN for Korean travelers or ASEAN landmarks co-constructed by Korean companies. Through this TV show, ASEAN-related topics and quizzes were presented in a more fun and interesting way which helped the Korean public feel more familiar with ASEAN.




ASEAN-Korea Youth Talk Show “Hey ASEAN” Capacity-building Workshop for ASEAN professors in Korea on e-Learning