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The 50th Meeting of the Executive Board of the ASEAN-Korea Centre

The 50th Meeting of the Executive Board (EB)* of the ASEAN-Korea Centre (AKC) was held on Thursday, 15 December at the AKC.

* Executive Board of the ASEAN-Korea Centre: As the Centre’s official supervisory and advisory body, it is comprised of representatives from the 10 ASEAN Embassies in Seoul and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of ROK, with which regular meetings are held 3 times a year.


During the Meeting, the outcomes of FY2022 programs completed since the 49th Meeting of the EB were shared with the EB members, and FY2023 draft work programs and requests for cooperation were discussed. The members of the Executive Board appreciated the successful implementation of the AKC’s flagship programs, such as ‘Opening of Jeju ASEAN Hall (September),’ ‘ASEAN Week 2022 (November),’ and ‘The 10th ASEAN Connectivity Forum (December),’ and expected physical programs to be more actively carried out next year.


Especially, the Meeting was meaningful as it sought for the support and consideration from the Executive Board, prior to the 15th Annual Meeting of the Council (Feb. 2023) for the approval of FY2023 work programs and budget to be held in Seoul in three years since the outbreak of the COVID-19.


Meanwhile, work programs approved at the 15th Meeting of the Council will be implemented from March 2023.




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