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SG’s Curtesy call to Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat

Secretary-General of the AKC, H.E. Kim Hae-yong met H.E. MICHIGAMI Hisashi, Secretary-General of Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) on June 30th. The Secretary-general of the AKC briefly introduced the AKC’s programs for FY2021 and mentioned that it is necessary to continued cooperation among TCS and ASEAN-China Centre, ASEAN-Japan Centre, and ASEAN-Korea Centre. In response, the Secretary-General of the TCS agreed with the continued exchange and collaboration between the TCS and AKC.



▲ Ms. CAO Jing (Deputy Secretary-General, TCS), H.E. KIM Hae-yong (Secretary-General, AKC), H.E. MICHIGAMI Hisashi (Secretary-General, TCS), Mr. KANG Do Ho (Deputy Secretary-General, TCS)


The 46th Meeting of the Executive Board of the ASEAN-Korea Centre SG’s Special Lecture On ASEAN-Korea Science and Technology Cooperation