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ASEAN Week 2022

ASEAN-Korea Centre organized ‘ASEAN Week 2022’, an ASEAN fabric and lifestyle exhibition, at Cociety in Seongsu-dong, Seoul from November 10 to 13. The Opening Ceremony on November 9 was attended by the ASEAN Ambassadors and relevant stakeholders, who viewed the exhibition.


Held under the theme of ‘Ancient Futures - Treasures of ASEAN Fabric’, the exhibition showcased the unique fabrics of 10 ASEAN countries, as well as the tourism destinations related to the production of these fabrics. The fabric items produced based on traditional weaving craftmanship have been recreated to accommodate modern designs. The exhibition was designed to raise awareness of the cultural value of ASEAN that connects the past, present and future through these fabric items. In addition to the delicate fabric items made by ASEAN master artisans, the exhibition also showcased videos of fabric production process, and pictures of related tourism destinations in ASEAN. The teaser video featuring the fabric items can be viewed on ASEAN-Korea Centre’s YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/akcsns) as well.


▲ Opening Ceremony


▲ Exhibition tour


▲ Overview of the exhibition hall


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