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Handover Ceremony & Year-end Meeting for AYNK Committee

The ASEAN-Korea Centre (AKC) supported the organization of the “2022 ASEAN Youth Network in Korea (AYNK)* Committee’s Year-end Meeting and Handover Ceremony” on December 29, 2022.

*ASEAN Youth Network in Korea (AYNK) is a group of organizations of students from ASEAN based in Korea that was launched in 2015 with AKC’s support.


Twenty AYNK committee members attended the meeting both online and offline to review the activities conducted in 2022 and to exchange views on future AYNK activities. This was then followed by the handover ceremony to the new 2023 AYNK committee members and the recognition of winners of the 2022 AYNK Reels Contest (Annyeong ASEAN) which was held under the theme “ASEAN in Korea, Korea in ASEAN.”



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