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ASEAN Journalists visit the ASEAN-Korea Centre

▲ ASEAN Journalists with staff of the ASEAN-Korea Centre | ASEAN-Korea Centre

On 18 October, a delegation of ASEAN journalists who are participating in the Media Exchange Program organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of ROK visited the ASEAN-Korea Centre. The delegation received a breifing on the roles and contribution of the ASEAN-Korea Centre for the ASEAN-Korea partnership and had a lively Q&A session with officers at the Centre.

▲ Briefing on the ASEAN-Korea Centre | ASEAN-Korea Centre

▲ Q&A Session | ASEAN-Korea Centre

Secretary General Kim Young-sun attends the Opening Ceremony of Center for ASEAN-Indian Studies of the Korea National Diplomatic Academy ASEAN-Korea Centre participates in the 15th Annual Conference of the Network of East Asia Think Tanks (NEAT)