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Guidelines for the 1st ASEAN-Korea Excellent Design (ED) Exhibition Award

Guidelines for the 1st ASEAN-Korea Excellent Design (ED)

Exhibition Award

-Contest, Exhibition, and Workshop-



To expand ASEAN-Korea cooperation in the design industry, the ASEAN-Korea Centre (AKC), Korea Institute for Design Promotion (KIDP) and VIETRADE will organize the ‘1st ASEAN-Korea Excellent Design Exhibition Award.’ The program consists of a contest, exhibition and workshop. The contest will be held online and is open to designers and innovators from 10 ASEAN Member States (AMS).

※10 ASEAN Member States: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam


A. Categories

- Agro-fishery

- Food and Beverage (F&B)

- Health and Beauty (H&B)


B. Product Eligibility (one of the two below)

- Packaging design that is/will (be) launched within 2020 (until 31 Dec 2020)

- Revised version of packaging design that has been launched within 2 years (2018 ~ 2020) from the application submission date


C. Applicant Eligibility (one of the two below)

- Design agency / freelance designer based in ASEAN member country

- Design team of company based in ASEAN that sales/manufactures product in “A. Categories”


D. Evaluation Criteria ※Products will be evaluated by design experts in Korea and ASEAN

- Attractiveness

- Creativity

- Durability

- Branding

- Sustainability

※Result of the evaluation will be kept confidential


E. Evaluation Process

1. Semi-Finals: Submit application form and images of design (email submission)

2. Finals: Submit a short video clip that promotes your packaging design (pitching clip, email submission)


F. Submission Method

- Visit AKC website (https://www.aseankorea.org/eng/) to download guideline and application form

- Submit your application form and image at akced2020@gmail.com


G. Submission Period

- Application Form Deadline: Friday, 31 July 2020

- Pitching Clip: 25 Aug ? 6 Sept (the date may be subject to change)

※Further information on the pitching clip will be provided to those who submit the application form


H. Workshop (TBC)

- Date: 15 December 2020

- Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

- Contents: Information sharing on packaging design trend and new technology, case study sessions in the area of F&B, H&B, etc.

※Roundtrip airfare and accommodation will be provided


I. Exhibition (TBC)

- Date: 16 Dec - 2020 (for 1 month)

- Location: Vietnam-Korea Design Center, Hanoi, Vietnam

※Shipping fee will be provided


J. Award Ceremony (TBC)

Date: 16 December 2020

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Prize: 1st (USD 1,000) / 2nd (USD 700) / 3rd (USD 500)


K. Timeline


4 May - 31 JulySubmission of application form and images- 
25 AugAnnouncement of semi-finalists

1) Participate in the exhibition for 1 month

2) Receive the “ED” (Excellent Design) certification provided by the organizer

3) Invitation to Hanoi to participate in workshop, exhibition and award ceremony (airfare & accommodation to be provided by organizer)

Selected applicants from the of 5 applicants per AMS
26 Aug - 30 SeptSubmission of pitching clips- 
21 OctAnnouncement of finalists

Selected applicants will receive the grand prizes

1st: USD 1000 (1 person)

2nd: USD 700 (2 persons)

3rd: USD 500 (3 persons)

15 DecWorkshop--
16 DecExhibition--
Award Ceremony

※Above timeline may change due to unexpected events.


L. Information Inquiry

Trade and Investment Unit of the ASEAN-Korea Centre

In-charge: Ms. Eunyoung Lee

- Email: akced2020@gmail.com

- Office: +82-2-2287-1124

- Website: https://www.aseankorea.org/eng/



***The program may be subject to change depending on the spread of covid-19 pandemic***

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