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Online School Tour with Hanyoung Middle School

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ASEAN-Korea Centre continues to host the ASEAN School Tour Program digitally. On 11 May 2021, 32 students from Hanyoung Middle School participated in the program via online platform.


For the students who could not visit the centre due to social distancing, “untact kits” including the ASEAN-Korea Workbook, Indonesian snacks, and 3D puzzle of Angkor Wat were sent out in advance. On the day of the event, the students gathered in the classroom where they together engaged in the program sessions. Comprised of various activities, the program kicked-off with the screening of “Way to ASEAN-Korea Center” VR video, followed by five sessions of presentation on international organisations and AKC from Lee Kyeong-A, Director of ASEAN Hall and showcasing of “ASEAN-Korea We are Friends” video, ASEAN Golden Bell Quiz, special lectures from ASEAN government officials, discussion with ASEAN officials, and creative activity (show and tell of Angkor Wat 3D puzzle made from home).


Particularly noteworthy was the special lectures by Ms. Maisarah, Deputy Head of Information & Data Unit and Mr. Alex, Head of Culture & Tourism Unit, who attended the School Tour for the first time upon their arrival in Korea and the ASEAN-Korea Centre. Ms. Maisarah introduced the traditional culture and greetings of Brunei, followed by Mr. Alex who shared information and videos on culture and tourism of the Philippines?altogether making for a meaningful time for the students to learn in depth about the culture and characteristics of the two different countries.


The following is a testimonial from Hanyoung Middle School teacher, Mr. Jongpyo Lee, on his overall impression of the online School Tour Program:


“I applied for the ASEAN-Korea School Tour Program through referral by the Director of the Free Semester Program. I was a bit disappointed that the program had to be carried out online. It would have been better to experience in-person, but the students still showed much enthusiasm and positivity whilst communicating online. I look forward to meeting again in the future.”


▲ Screening of “Way to ASEAN-Korea Centre” VR video of ASEAN Hall


▲ Presentation on ASEAN and AKC from Director of ASEAN Hall and showcasing of “ASEAN-Korea We are Friends” video


▲ Learning about ASEAN culture through Golden Bell Quiz


▲ Special lecture from Ms. Maisarah on Brunei’s traditional culture and greetings


▲ Special lecture from Mr. Alex on Philippine’s culture and tourism


▲ Students participating in the discussion session


▲ Creative activity (show and tell of Angkor Wat 3D puzzle made from home)


▲ Group heart photo of Hanyoung Middle School students and ASEAN officials



The ASEAN-Korea Centre organizes the School Tour and Youth Visit Program with the aim of raising the awareness of ASEAN and ASEAN-Korea partnership among youths from primary school to university level.


Under the Ministry of Education’s initiative, ‘Ggoomgil’, the Centre has been offering the ASEAN School Tour programs that provide students, not only Korean but also students from all ASEAN Member States, with the opportunities to experience cultural aspects of ASEAN Member States and gives a glimpse of the potential career at an intergovernmental organization.


In the situation of COVID-19, the Centre is conducting the visit programs in strict compliance with the preventive measure guidelines and taking thorough disinfection and sterilization measures for each visit.


If you are interested in the Centre’s visit programs, please contact the Centre via aseanhall@aseankorea.org or 02-2287-1177

Online School Tour with Yeonbuk Middle School GYBM Trainees Participated in the Youth Visit Program at the ASEAN Hall