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ASEAN-Korea Familiarization Tour (Myanmar)

ASEAN-Korea Centre and Ministry of Hotels and Tourism co-organized ‘Familiarization Tour’ at Myanmar from 3rd to 7th December. 4 different Korean media which are ‘Naver Travel Plus’, ‘Travie’, ‘Lonely Planet’, and ‘Glance TV’ participated the program covering Yangon, Bagan and Inle lake featuring both traditional and modern aspects of Myanmar.

▲ [Yangon] Shwedagon pagoda

▲ [Yangon] Shwedagon pagoda (source: Travie)

▲ [Yangon] Shwedagon pagoda (source: Travie)

▲ [Yangon] Mahashi meditation center (source: Travie)

▲ [Yangon] Myanmar women on the street (source: Travie)

▲ [Bagan] Bagan Nyaung-U Airport

▲ [Bagan] Shwezigon Pagoda (source: Lonely Planet)

▲ [Bagan] Nyaung U market (source: Lonely Planet)

▲ [Bagan] U Ba Nyein Lacquerware Workshop (source: Lonely Planet)

▲ [Bagan] Bagan sunset point (source: Lonely Planet)

▲ [Bagan] Shwezigon Pagoda (source: Lonely Planet)

▲ [Inle] Heho airport

▲ [Inle] Inn Paw Khone Weaving center

▲ [Inle] Inle heritage cooking class

▲ [Inle] sunset at Inle lake

▲ [Inle] Inle lake floating vendors (source: Naver Travel Plus)

▲ [Inle] Inle lake (source: Naver Travel Plus)

▲ [Inle] Red mountain Estate winery (source: Naver Travel Plus)

▲ [Inle] Coffee house by pleasant garden (source: Naver Travel Plus)

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