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Online Meeting with ASEAN Tourism Marketing Partnership Working Group (ATMPWG)

The ASEAN-Korea Centre (AKC) participated in the ASEAN Tourism Marketing Partnership Working Group (online) meeting hosted by the ASEAN Secretariat on Tuesday, 9 March 2021.


※ The ASEAN Tourism Marketing Partnership (ATMP) Working Group operates under the ASEAN Tourism Competitiveness Committee (ATCC) mandate within the ASEAN Secretariat, and is responsible for establishing and expanding tourism marketing strategies in the ASEAN region. They facilitate and implement cooperation projects for various organizations such as tourism agencies, international organizations, companies, academia, and research institutions.


※ The ASEAN Secretariat held the meeting on the same agenda with the ASEAN-China Centre and ASEAN-Japan Centre.


At the meeting, the ASEAN Secretariat presented the key cornerstones of the ‘ASEAN Tourism Marketing Strategy 2021-2025’, and shared strategies to revitalize the ASEAN tourism market which has been stagnant following the Covid-19 outbreak. They particularly emphasized their hope for more tourists to visit ASEAN through the discovery of cooperation projects with major international organizations in the tourism sector.


The ASEAN-Korea Centre also outlined its tourism promotion program achievements in 2020 and announced its program plans for 2021. The Centre affirmed its effort to invigorate tourism and people-to-people exchange between ASEAN and Korea, as well as plans to enhance its non-contact programs, such as online seminars, and adopt a hybrid program that makes use of various on- and offline mediums in preparation for the post-pandemic era.


The meeting served as an opportunity for the Centre to be updated on the current status and plans of tourism marketing in ASEAN, as well as continue to exchange information and discuss plans for cooperation with the Secretariat in the field of ASEAN tourism marketing.



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