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The 2nd ASEAN-Korea Academic Essay Contest Winner Announcement

The following essays are the winning entries of the 2nd ASEAN-Korea Academic Essay Contest and will be awarded: 


- Hong Min-hyuk (Kyung Hee University) “Higher Education Cooperation with ASEAN-ROK Academic Communities: Case Study on Parliamentary Debate in Asia”

- Hong Sung-ah (Universiti Sains Malaysia, Graduate School) “Building a new approach to multilateralism for ASEAN: Case study on the agreements of skilled labour movement”

- Jo Ho-yoen (Osaka University, Graduate School) “A Proposal for New Southeast Asia History: From the possibilities of ´relationship and comparison´”

- Kim Ji-won (Seoul National University, Graduate School) “Future Prospect of Multilateralism for ASEAN: Through the Lenses of Constructivism”

- Park Jae-hyun (National University of Singapore, Graduate School) “ASEAN approach resolving regional problem: Indonesia’s veiled intention behind ASEAN approach”


- Agi Agung Galuh Purwa (Seoul National University Graduate School) “Fostering ASEAN-Korea Digital Economy”

- Myat Myat Mon (Myanmar Institute of Theology) “Leveraging the potential of digital economy for ASEAN”

- Sebastian Hoe Wee Kiat (Singapore University of Social Sciences) “Champions of the ASEAN Miracle”

- Seksan Anantasirikiat (Seoul National University, Graduate School) “Championing sustainable ASEAN-Korea educational cooperation through 3Es”

- Suosopor Khuoy (Royal University of Phnom Penh) “ASEAN-Korea Educational Cooperation for Cultural Understanding”

- Tô Thị Minh Ngoc (Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam) “ASEAN-centered Multilateral Institutions in the Changing World”

- Tan Yong Kang (Nanyang Technological University) “ASEAN-Korea Educational Cooperation for Cultural Understanding”

The above mentioned results have been informed to the awardees and relevant persons individually. 

Organized by : ASEAN-Korea Centre and Korean Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, ASEAN University Network (AUN)

Supported by : ASEAN Secretariat, ASEAN Foundation, ROK Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Background :

2017 is a monumental year for ASEAN and Korea. Since its foundation in 1967, ASEAN has reached a golden milestone, celebrating its 50th anniversary. This year is also highlighted by the 10th anniversary of the ASEAN-Korea FTA, and the ASEAN-ROK Cultural Exchange Year, with inauguration of the ASEAN Culture House in Busan which is the first of its kind outside ASEAN region.

Amid the development in the ASEAN-Korea relations, the international community is witnessing rapid changes. There are growing uncertainties in the international relations such as Brexit and America’s withdrawals from multilateral agreements. Technological advancement has reached another level and now, digital economy has become reality for many countries including ASEAN and Korea.

On such a significant juncture, the ASEAN-Korea Centre, and inter-governmental organization mandated to promote economic and socio-cultural cooperation between ASEAN and Korea, is hosting the 2nd ASEAN-Korea Academic Essay Contest inviting students of ASEAN and Korea to share their perspectives and knowledge on ASEAN and ASEAN-Korea relations. The young perspectives of the youth of ASEAN and Korea will contribute toward building a true, genuine and lasting partnership.

THEME : (select one of the following four themes)

1. 50 Years of ASEAN and the Prospects for Multilateralism

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, ASEAN has been a successful model of regional integration and is at the heart of multilateralism. In the recent years, however, the international community has witnessed a trend against multilateralism through Brexit, America’s withdrawals from TPP and Paris Climate Accord. How can we assess ASEAN’s achievements and how will ASEAN navigate through the changing international dynamics?

2. ASEAN and Korea 4.0: Adapting Digital Economy

The world is seeing the realization of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. How are ASEAN and Korea adapting to the new changes in the global economy? As 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of ASEAN-ROK FTA, how can ASEAN and Korea strengthen their economic partnership in the changing economic environment?

3. ASEAN-Korea Educational Cooperation for Mutual Understanding

Building a true and lasting partnership begins from a deep mutual understanding between each other. Education serves as an effective tool to reach this goal by raising awareness and promoting deeper understanding. In what ways are ASEAN and Korea cooperating in the educational sector to promote mutual understanding? What are the difficulties, and how can they improve this cooperation to foster better understanding?

※ Special Theme: Champions of the ASEAN Miracle

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, ASEAN’s remarkable success is often described as the ‘ASEAN Miracle’. Such achievement is the fruit of effort and dedication committed by those who yearned for the peace and prosperity of the region. Who are the leading figures behind the ASEAN Miracle and how did they contribute toward the foundation and/or the development of ASEAN? How can we learn from their philosophies, convictions and endeavors in order to achieve greater development of ASEAN?


The contest invites all ASEAN and Korean undergraduate and graduate students.


English or Korean
※ Abstract for both English and Korean essays must be written in English.


Submission: Midnight 31 October 2017 (Korea Standard Time)

Winner Announcement: 8 November 2017

Required Documents : Essay, Abstract, Application form



Max. 4,000 words or 10 pages

Times New Roman

12 points

1.5 interlinear

Max. 3,000 words or 10 pages


11 points

1.5 interlinear

*Abstract: 500 words / 1 page

Essays must be submitted and formatted in Microsoft Word.
In-text citations must be made in APA (sixth edition).


- Up to 12 winning essays will be compiled and published by the ASEAN-Korea Centre and the Korean Herald as the publication series Young Perspectives.

-Winners will be invited to an academic workshop to present their essays.

- Winners will be offered an opportunity for a study trip (4 nights/5 days) either to an ASEAN country or to Korea based on their nationalities:

a) Korean students – Visits to the ASEAN-Korea Centre, universities, research institutes, and cultural sites in ASEAN.

b) ASEAN students – Visits to the ASEAN-Korea Centre, universities, research institutes and cultural sites in Korea.

※ Travel expenses will be covered by the ASEAN-Korea Centre.


All eligible entries received will be assessed by a qualified panel of judges chosen by the ASEAN-Korea Centre, the Korean Institute of Southeast Asian Studies and the ASEAN University Network.


- All requirements must be submitted electronically by the submission deadline on http://bit.ly/2017akessay

- Reference materials must be properly cited. About the plagiarism policy, refer to www.plagiarism.org

- Essays must be written by one person. Co-authored essays are not accepted.

- Only original and unpublished essays will be considered for assessment.

- For any inquiries, contact us at essay@aseankorea.org


All applicants are kindly recommended to visit the ASEAN E-Library (http://elibrary.aseankorea.org) and read the key documents on ASEAN Community and ASEAN-Korea relations including ASEAN Community Vision 2025, ASEAN-ROK Plan of Action to Implement the Joint Declaration on Strategic Partnership for Peace and Prosperity 2016-2020, Joint Statement of the ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit.

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