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ASEAN Youth Startup Development Workshop

The ASEAN-Korea Centre organized the ASEAN Youth Startup Development Workshop on 26 May 2018 at the ASEAN Hall of the Centre. Co-organized with the ASEAN Youth Network in Korea, the Workshop was participated by more than 100 youth not only from ASEAN and Korea, but from other parts of the globe as well. The Workshop aimed to facilitate development of startup ideas of students through skills and knowledge enhancement and provide an opportunity for network-building among the participants. The Workshop consisted of three lectures, networking lunch, as well as a group workshop.

▲ H.E. Secretary General Lee Hyuk of the ASEAN-Korea Centre delivers the Opening Remarks.

At the Opening Ceremony of the Workshop, Secretary General Lee Hyuk delivered the Opening Remarks, emphasizing the significant role of startups in boosting the economy of ASEAN and Korea. Meanwhile, Ms. Nuporn Chantavarin, the Chairperson of the ASEAN Youth Network in Korea, gave the Welcoming Remarks.

▲ Ms. Nuporn Chantavarin, President of the AYNK, gives the Welcoming Remarks.

▲ A group photo of the attendees of the ASEAN Youth Startup Development Workshop

The first lecture, which was on Developing Business Ideas, was conducted by Dr. Jeoffrey Calimag, Professor of International Business, Trade and Global Management at the University of Ulsan. The second lecture was delivered by Mr. Richard Cho, CEO of Tripriend and winner of the 2017 ASEAN-Korea Youth Forum. Mr. Cho covered the topic of Creating a Startup Business Plan. For the 3rd session, Mr. Lorenzo Swank, CEO of Pixio and a seasoned speaker, talked about Pitching Startup Business Ideas.

▲ Professor Joeffrey Calimag discusses idea development to the participants of the Workshop.

▲ Mr. Richard Cho of TriPriend gives a talk on how to create effective business plans.

▲ Mr. Lorenzo Swank gives his insight on how to pitch startups ideas.

After the lectures, the participants were divided into teams and tasked to come up with a startup idea and pitch it. The speakers were joined by representatives from Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation (GCCEI), Mr. Yoo Jooyoung and Mr. Yoon Sung-hyeong, as judges of the group workshop.

▲ Participants brainstorm together to come up with business ideas.

▲ Participants discuss how to pitch their idea.

▲ A Korean student pitches his group’s startup idea

▲ A student from ASEAN introduces his group’s startup idea.

▲ Judges of the Startup Development Workshop

The three groups were chosen by the judges to win an award. The 3rd Place was bagged by group 4, which pitched an event-promotion app, categorizing the events based on the user’s religion, hobbies, and other interests. The 2nd Place was obtained by group 3, which proposed an idea of having wifi-tracked trash and trashbags. The winner of the group workshop was group 7, which developed an trash can that enables users to accumulate points that they can use in retail establishments, every time they throw trash.

▲ 3rd Place winners of the Startup Development Group Workshop.

▲ 2nd Place winners of the Startup Development Group Workshop.

▲ 1st Place winners of the Startup Development Group Workshop.

A networking lunch was organized as well, where participants as well as mentors could expand their networks among one another. Furthermore, to encourage the students, a lucky draw was included in the program as well.

▲ 네트워킹 오찬

▲ Climag 교수와 네트워킹하고 있는 참가자들

The ASEAN Youth Startup Development Workshop is the second event of the AYNK Programs organized by the ASEAN-Korea Centre and ASEAN Youth Network in Korea. The third and fourth events will be ASEAN Youth Short Film Festival and ASEAN Youth Yearend Celebration, which will take place in the latter half of the year.

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