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ASEAN Travel Page is coming soon.

'ASEAN Travel' Mobile Application
'ASEAN Travel' Mobile Application

To help tourists access ASEAN tourism information easily, the ASEAN-Korea Centre has launched the mobile application, 「ASEAN Travel」.Through「ASEAN Travel」application, smart-phone users can easily utilize the newly updated information of the 10 ASEAN Member States which includes tourist destinations, basic coversation, currency rate, and weather. Also, users can download the contents which can be accessible on offline mode without any extra charges on date roaming while travelling overseas.

How To Use

1. Download the 「ASEAN Travel」application at Apple App Store, or Google Play

2. If you click the icon installed on the smart phone, you can enter the main page of Application.

* Look below for Sneak Peek reference

New Features

- ‘Search’ function on the main page

- Can ‘Bookmark’ any information you are interested in

- Can see all bookmarked information at a glance in ‘My ASEAN’ menu

- Can enjoy ASEAN travel tips video in ’Look around’ menu of each country

Sneak Peek

1. Access the main page
2. Keyword search
3. Choose the country
4. Get details of tourism information