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Application Guidelines for the 2019 ASEAN-RoK Award for Excellence in Science, Technology and Innovation

1. Purpose and Outline of the Award

The ASEAN-RoK Award for Excellence in Science, Technology and Innovation, firstly introduced this year, is organized by the Multilateral Cooperation Division, International Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT), Republic of Korea, in order to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of ASEAN-RoK Dialogue Relations. The purpose of the award is to motivate young ASEAN researchers who have demonstrated a commitment to both excellence in science, technology and innovation, as evidenced by scholarly publication and cooperation with Korean academia and/or research institutes.

2. Research Fields

The award covers research areas in field of natural sciences and engineering:

   ◆ Natural Sciences: physics, mathematical sciences, chemistry, nanoscience, biological science, medical science, etc.

   ◆ Engineering: mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, electronical engineering, computer science, environmental engineering, etc.

3. Eligibility

Any citizen of ASEAN member states* is eligible to be nominated for the award. The candidate should be currently enrolled in a doctoral program in Korea or have graduated a doctoral program in Korea less than 5 years. In addition, the candidate is required to have prior joint research experience with Korean researchers and submit a recommendation from a Korean professor or collaborator.

The candidate who falls under any of the following criteria will be finally selected and awarded:

(a) Who has shown outstanding performance in research and development in natural sciences and engineering for ASEAN countries, and who show great promise.

(b) Who has shown outstanding achievements in research and development that will lead to future innovation in natural sciences and engineering for ASEAN countries, and who shows great promise.

The winning candidate must be able to attend the commendation ceremony which would be linked to the 2019 ASEAN-RoK Commemorative Summit in November.

4. Number of Awardee

One person will be awarded for 2019.

5. Award

The RoK MSIT plans to invite the award winner to the commendation ceremony associated with the 2019 ASEAN-RoK Commemorative Summit in November 2019, with support of round-trip airfare (economy class). The winner will be awarded by the Minister of MSIT with a cash prize of US $12,000, and will have the opportunity to present his/her research result and achievement in terms of excellence in research and cooperation with Korea during the ceremony.

In addition, the winner would be invited as a plenary speaker at major ASEAN events next year, including ASEAN-RoK STI workshop (1Q, 2020) or ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Science, Technology and Innovation (AMMSTI) (4Q, 2020). His/her research would be archived in ASEAN homepage and RoK MSIT English webpage, and supported by National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) to continue the collaboration with Korean researchers.

6. Application and Selection Process

   ◆ Applicant must submit both the Application Form and the Nomination Form, complete in all respect with the supporting documents, to STEPI (Science and Technology Policy Institute) through email latest by 11th October, 2019.

   ◆ A nominator must be a Korean researcher who has guided, supervised or collaborated in applicant’s research. Only one applicant can be recommended from each nominator. It is not allowed that one nominator recommends two candidates or more.

   ◆ Applications, complete in all respect with the supporting documents and received latest by 11th October, 2019, will be judged and evaluated by the Selection Committee.

   ◆ Applications that are insufficient or incorrect will be excluded from the evaluation

7. Criteria for Selection

The Selection Committee will give consideration to the following perspectives in evaluating and judging the applicant's performance and research achievements for this award:

   ◆ Quantitative evaluation: excellence in scientific research and engineering, as evidenced through scholarly publications or patents

   ◆ Qualitative evaluation: contribution and commitment to science and technology cooperation between Korea and ASEAN countries

8. Schedule

Due date for submission of application: October 11, 2019

Notification of Shortlisted candidates for video interview: October 24, 2019

Video interview: October 28~29, 2019

Determination of award winner: October 31, 2019

Date of Awarding Ceremony: End of November, 2019

For information:

Award Program Contact: Science and Technology Institute (STEPI) http://www.stepi.re.kr/index_eng.jsp

E-mail address: aseanrokaward@stepi.re.kr

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