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2022 ASEAN-Korea Academic Essay Contest: Announcement of Selected Proposals

The ASEAN-Korea Centre is pleased to announce the selected proposals for the 2022 ASEAN-Korea Academic Essay Contest. First, we would like to express our gratitude to all participants for your valuable participation and extend our warm congratulations to all the selected participants. We sincerely look forward to reading your full-length papers!


Please be noted that successful participants with the shortlisted proposals were notified via email by AKC. You may refer the table below for the list of selected proposals.

ThemeProposed Title
Theme 1 Assess to Higher Education for Refugees and ASEAN-Korea Cooperation
Treading the Neo-regionalist Lines: A Quantitative Text Analysis Approach to Mapping ASEAN Member State Interests and Engineering Reciprocity with South Korea
ASEAN-Korea Sustainable Partnership in Peace - Prosperity - People: Challenges and Policy Implications for ASEAN Centrality
ASEAN is the New Wave: Revisiting ASEAN Centrality from South Korean Perspective
ROK Strengthening Strategic Partnership with ASEAN
Nuclear Fusion: South Korea and ASEAN Nuclear Power Initiative to Create Safe and Renewable Alternative Source of Energy
Renewed Focus or Avoidance: ASEAN-Korea Political-Security Cooperation under the New Southern Policy
Actualizing SDGs Partnership Through RCEP for Sustainable Economic Relations between ASEAN-Korea
Gender Mainstreaming as Strategic Importance and Needs of Contemporary South Korea-ASEAN Partnership
United in Weathering the Storm Together: The Centrality of ASEAN-Korean Cooperation in Tackling Climate Change
ASEAN-Korea Relations: Prospects and Challenges of ASEAN Centrality in Sustaining Regional Security and Strategic Cooperation
Strengthening Cooperation and Advancing a Sustainable ASEAN-Korea Partnership: ASEAN Centrality and Strategic Importance of ASEAN-Korea Cooperation
Strengthening Republic of Korea Diplomacy to ASEAN: The Application of Externally aimed Public Private Partnership (PPPs)
Theme 2Future Fashion Industry: ASEAN - ROK Collaboration in Reshaping the Future through Digitalization and Sustainability
Examining potential trade barriers between ASEAN-Korea Trade agreement: An inquiry into capital control management of Indonesia's Trading Partner
Developing Opportunities for Materials Engineers Through ASEAN-Korean Collaborations
The Future of Job Automation in ASEAN Countries as an Area for ASEAN-ROK Cooperation
Strengthening the Service Integration between Korea and ASEAN through the Information Technology Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) Industry
A Call To Action: Integrating Industrial Resource for Sustainability Through AI Utilization
The Opportunities of Tourism Sector in Post COVID-19 Period
Narrowing the Digital Divide in the Post-Pandemic Era: Enabling Social Inclusivity between ASEAN-Korea through Digital Healthcare
Revolutionizing ASEAN's Economy through Korean Digitalization
Enhancing ASEAN Connectivity through ASEAN Blockchain-based Smart Port Integration: A Room for ASEAN-RoK Cooperation
Stimulating the Emergence of Smart & Healthy Cities: A New Frontier in the ASEAN-Korea Relationship
Preventing Chipaggedon: Mutual Benefits for South-Korea and Indonesia from Building Indonesia's Technological Capability in Semiconductors Manufacturing
Circular Economy for Sustainable ASEAN-South Investment: CSR Utilization for Waste Management Opportunities in Indonesia
Reclaiming the Spotlight: Developing ASEAN's Music Industry
Through ASEAN-Korea Cooperation
Innovation Beyond Borders: ASEAN-KOREA partnership's role in shaping the future of International Labor Migration through Economic Innovation.
Accelerating Green Transformation through ASEAN-Korea Capacity Building and Technology Transfer Program for Sustainable Low-Carbon Future
ASEAN-ROK IoT Sustainable Ecosystem: Strengthening the Integration of Internet of Things to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
ASEAN-ROK Sustainable Infrastructure Partnership: Smart City Innovation Development to Promote Inclusive Green Economy Ecosystems
Promoting Green Technology for Future Industry Development in Southeast Asia: Advancement of ASEAN-Korea Knowledge and Technology Transfer for Mitigating and Adapting Pressuring Environmental Degradation in the Region
Enabling Sustainable Fuel Cells Through Mushroom Genetics Development For Electric Car
The Role of Microbiology to Increasing Opportunities for the Pharmaceutical Industry in ASEAN
Strengthening Korea-Indonesia Partnership: Strategy for Digitalization and Digital Security
Strengthening the ASEAN-Korea partnership through joint research in investigating the prospect of hafnium extracted from Southeast Asia Zircon minerals for semiconductor applications
Local Currency Settlement Framework: Balancing Financial Technology Development and Trade in Indonesia and South Korea
ASEAN-Korea Cooperation in Promotion Strategy of Intellectual Property Right (IPR): Improving Perception and Level of Trade
Towards the Next Chapter of ASEAN-Korea Partnerships: Deepening Cooperation in Emerging Priority Areas
Push and Pull: Bridging the 4IR Gap through ASEAN-Korea Partnership
Theme 3Maximizing the Powers of Hallyu for a Greater Cultural Exchange
Re-establishing the Significance of ASEAN Youth in Existing ASEAN - Korea Cultural Diplomacy
Transmedia Engagement Strategy as a Tool for Enhancing Mutual Understanding Relationship between ASEAN and Korea
Redefining the Joy of Islam in South Korea by Introducing the Moderate of Muslim
The Cultural Perspective of Korean Youths in the Emergence of Foreign Students
Korean Gastrodiplomacy in Southeast Asia through Social Media Food Broadcasting
Bridging the Awareness Gap by Innovating ASEAN Digital Presence to Foster ASEAN-South Korean Cultural Relevance Among Youth
Analysis of ASEAN-Korea Challenges in Promoting Indonesian Music and Korean Pop as an Effort to Realize Inclusiveness of the Global Music Industry
The Continuity and Inclusivity of Social Media to Overcome Cultural Misconceptions and Equalize the Imbalance of Cultural Understanding Between ASEAN Countries and Korea
Cultural Exchanges on Metaverse World: The Potential Role of "Play Together" in Enhancing Mutual Cultural Understanding between ASEAN and Korean Youths
One Tap Away: Cultivating Enriched ASEAN-South Korean Relations through Social Media and Entertainment
Youth is Today, Not Tomorrow: Youth Advisory Group Role in Sustaining Cultural Understanding within ASEAN-Korea Cooperation
Integrative Education: Heart-to-Heart Diplomacy to advance ASEAN-Korea Solidarity
Building New Solidarity: Strengthening ASEAN-Korea cooperation in human rights through youth interaction
The Flow of the Korean Wave in the Southeast Asian Region
Waves of Culture: Social Media as a Driver of ASEAN and South Korean Wave
The Role of Cultural Diplomacy in ASEAN-Korea Relations: Understanding Racial Perception as a Barrier to Socio-Cultural Relations
Closing the ASEAN-ROK Cultural Exchange Gap Through Improving ASEAN's Cultural Diplomacy
From Hong Kong's downfall to the worldwide recognition of Hallyu. What can the South East Asian entertainment industry learn from cultural export?
South Korean Corporate Diplomacy and ASEAN Countries Through Korean Wave K-POP Cultural Transfer: Challenges and Opportunities to Build Mutual Profits
No Culture Without Context: Promoting ASEAN-Korea Cultural Understanding and Perceptions through History Education
Struggles in Enhancing Mutual Cultural Understanding and Perceptions in ASEAN-Korea Partnerships: A Systematic Review
Boosting ASEAN Travel and Tourism Competitiveness to Increase Mutual Cultural Understanding Between ASEAN and RoK
Stepping Stones: The KORxSEA Cultural Enhancement Model As a Means to Deepen Cooperation Through Mutual Cultural Understandings
Write, Speak, Ignite: Assembling ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Through Requisite Intercultural Citizen Journalism
ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Enhancement: The Challenges of Youth Perception and Lack of Cultural Understanding among ASEAN and Korean People
Enhancing Mutual Cultural Understanding and Perceptions between ASEAN and Korea: Here comes Generation Z in the Digital Era


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Participants with selected proposals should proceed with the essay stage.

Please submit your essay via essay@aseankorea.org by 6 PM (KST), Sunday, September 25th.



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