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Entry measures of ASEAN Member States in response to COVID-19 vis-à-vis arrivals from ROK (3.31. 10:00)

Entry measures of ASEAN Member States in response to COVID-19 vis-a-vis arrivals from ROK (3.31. 10:00)
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Entry Ban on Arrivals
from the Republic of
SingaporeFrom 23:59 of March 23, all short-term visitors are barred from entry into and trasit through Singapore (as of Mar. 22)
* Singapore National, permenant residence, long-term visa holders are allowed to enter under a condition of 14-day self-quarantine((Online submission of a health certificate up to 3 days prior to arrival is mandatory)
MalaysiaFrom March 18 to April 14, All foreigners are barred from entry into Malaysia (as of Mar. 16)
*Permanent residents of Malaysia are allowed to enter but required to have a health check and are placed under 14-day self-quarantine. (Foreign employees, students, residents overseas, and long-term visa holders are barred from entry into Malaysia)
PhilippinesFrom 00:00 of March 22, accordance with the measure of suspension of visa issuance and visa on arrival, all foreigners are barred from entry into the Philippines (as of Mar. 19)
- Formerly issued visas are considered canceled, however, visa for spouse and children of Philippine national (required to hold proof of marriage or parent-child relationship when entry without Philippine national), visa issued to foreign government and international organization staff members, and foreign crew members are exempt.
* Transit from the 3rd country through Philippine to the Republic of Korea is not allowed
*(Luzon Island) From March 15 to April 14, all travel on land, with domestic flight and domestic ship from/to Metro Manila and entire Luzon Island to/from other regions are barred (as of Mar. 16.)
- Foreigners are allowed to depart from international airports in Luzon Island.
*(Cebu) for 30 days from March 17, All travelers coming aboard domestic passenger flights are barred to entry into Cebu (as of Mar.14.)
*(Iloilo) all travelers are barred from entry into Iloilo, in case of violation, the traveler will be placed under 14-day quarantine (as of March.15.)
- Residence of Iloilo State of Iloilo City returning before March 17 are allowed to enter
*(General Santos) From March 16, all travelers coming from Metro Manila are placed under self-quarantine. Preventive measures to all visitors of airport and seaports, etc. (Davao) No official quarantine measures to travelers, but there is a case of quarantine of Korean traveler.
*(Batangas) All travelers visited countries with COVID-19 positives are placed under 14-day self-quarantine
VietnamFrom March 22, all foreigners are barred from entry into Vietnam (as of Mar. 21)
- In case of entry for diplomatic or official purpose, participating major external events, C13 experts, business managers or personnel with advanced technology are allowed (Entry is not guaranteed and only those who have been fully consulted with the Vietnamese government in advance)
* Visa Waiver Certificate issued to Vietnamese foreigners and their families has been suspended (from 3.12 for Korean)
* Those who enter Vietnam must comply with the medical examination process and be subject to quarantine at a designated facility, and those with diplomatic and official purposes and in special cases (experts, business managers and personnel with advanced technology), are required to appropriate regulations and quarantine procedure at their accommodations
* 15-day visa exemptions for South Koreans are temporarily suspended. (as of Feb.29)
* As of 00:00 of March 18, for 30 days all visa issuing for foreigns is stopped (as of Mar. 17)
*In case of entering Vietnam with visa for special circumstances (experts, businessmen, and advanced technical personnel), visa-free or visa-free certificate, travelers submit a Vietnamese-recognized COVID-19 negative certificate*
- COVID-19 negative certificate should contain information such as the person's name, date of birth, gender, nationality, passport number, address in the country, residence address in Vietnam, test agency name, test sample date, test date, test method, test result, and scheduled date of entry, and valid only for three days from the date of the test result.
From March 24, all foreigners are barred from entry into and transit through Brunei (as of Mar. 23)
ThailandFrom March 26 to April 30, all land, sea and air routes are barred from entry into Thailand (as of Mar. 25).
* (Allowed Transit) Up to March 31, foreigners transiting through Thailand can board only with a 'Fit to Fly' health certificate (March 24) from April 1, foreigners transiting through Thailand are required to hold a COVID-19 negative certificate and medical insurance(guarantee of over $100,000).
Entry Ban on Arrivals
from Affected Areas in
the Republic of Korea
IndonesiaAs of 00:00 of March 8, 2020, foreigners with a travel history within the past 14 days to Daegu-city and North Gyeongsang province of the Republic of Korea are barred from entry into Indonesia.
* All travelers from Korea (regardless of nationality) need to present a Health Certificate (in English) at the airport counter prior to departing from Korea.
- the Health Certificate should be issued by hospital/clinic within 7 days of departure, should confirm that the person has no symptoms such as fever, cough and other respiratory symptoms and statment of 'fit to travel', and should stipulate both the dates of examination and departure. The document does not require notarization or consular confirmation.
*(Caution) There are cases of immigration of Indonesia requesting the Health Certificate to Koreans regardless coming from a third country or staying for 14 days at the outside of the Republic of Korea by, all Korean travlers are recommended to hold the Health Certificate.
MyanmarForeigners who have travel history to the Republic of Korea(Daegu-city and North Gyeongsang province), Hubei province of the People's Republic of China within the past 14 days are barred from entry into Myanmar(as of Mar. 15)
From 00:01 of March 25, all foreigners are required to submit a COVID-19 negative certificate (issued within 72 hours before departure date) and are placed under 14-dayquarantine at a designated facility after arrival. (as of Mar. 24)
*Before the above measures take effect, travelers are subject to self-quarantine as former measure, and are required to hold health certificates (including the absence of acute respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, and respiratory problems issued by medical facilities approved by the Korean health authorities).
*From 00:00 of March 21 to April 30, all Visa on Arrival and e-Visa are discontinued.
* All travelers with travel history to United States, Switzerland, UK, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Denmark within the past 14 days are placed under 14-day quarantine at a designated facility (as of Mar. 20.)
* All foreigners coming from neighboring countries of Myanmar via land route are barred from entry (as of Mar. 19.)
- the People's Republic of China, Thailand, India, Lao PDR, Bangladesh.
*From March 29 to April 30, suspending visa issuance for all foreign entrants except diplomats, U.N. officials, ships and aircraft crew members, and suspending visa exemptions granted to all foreigners, including ASEAN member states according to mutual agreement.
* Diplomats and U.N. officials are obliged to apply for an entry visa at Myanmar Diplomatic Missions in their country and submit a COVID-19 negative certificate (issued within 72 hours before boarding), and placed under 14-day self-quarantine after arrival (as of Mar. 29).
* Ship or aircraft crew members are obliged to apply for an entry visa at Myanmar Diplomatic missions in their country and comply with the most recent guidelines and instructions from the Ministry of Transport and Communications (as of Mar.29)
From March 30 to April 13, international passenger flights are barred from landing (as of Mar.29)
Reinforced Quarantine
Measures and
Lao PDRFrom March 20 for 30 days, visa on arrival, isuance of e-visa and visa free entry measures are suspended (applied to Korean from March 21))
* All foreigners are required to abtain visa from the Embasy(Consulate General) of Lao PDR at each country (Suspend travel visa issuance
* Upon the issuance of visa, foreigners are required to hold certificate of COVID-19 negative and documents for the travel history within the past 14 days. / Foreigners entering after abtaining visa, in case of cmoing from the country with over 100 COVID-19 positives are placed under 14-day self-quarantine
All foreigners are barred from entry until April 19 (as of Mar.29)
OtherCambodiaAll foreigners are barred from entry into Cambodia (from 23:59 of March 30)
(Suspend issuing new visa) Suspend visa-free entry for one month, suspend issuing travel visa, e-visa, and visa on arrival
(COVID-19 Negative Certificate) All foreigners entering into Cambodia are required to apply for a visa at the Cambodian Embassy in their country, and submit COVID-19 negative certificate issued within 72 hours and insurance card covering over $50,000.
*Except Diplomatic Visa A and Official Visa B holders
(Quarantine Measures) Health check by health officer upon arrival in Cambodia and comply mandatory quarantine guidelines according to instructions.
*Source: MOFA
Model ASEAN-Korea Summit Call for Participation Entry Measures of the Republic of Korea, Japan and Provinces in the People´s Republic of China in response to COVID-19 (3.31. 10:00)