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Research on ESG Policies and Practices in ASEAN and Korea (Phase II)

Research on ESG Policies and Practices in ASEAN and Korea

(Phase II)


Public Tender Notice

1. Bidding Outline

Title: Research on ESG Policies and Practices in ASEAN and Korea (Phase II)

- Service to be Provided: Refer to the ‘Request for Proposal’ for details

- Estimated Amount: up to KRW99,000,000

(VAT NOT included as the Centre is a non-profit organization)

- Service Period: 7 months from contract signing (tentatively May to November 2023)

- Bidding Method: International Public Tender (negotiated contract)


2. Bidding Schedule

Notice Period: 5 April (Wed) to 18 April (Tue) 2023 (KST)

Deadline for Submission of Proposals: 16:00 KST / 18 April (Tue) 2023

Submission Guidelines: Submit all Required Documents VIA EMAIL to Ms. Gowun KIM

- Ms. Go-wun KIM, Senior Officer, Trade and Investment Unit

gwkim@aseankorea.org (+82-2-2287-1192)

Technical Evaluation Schedule (tentative)

- 1st evaluation (document screening) to take place on 19 April (Wed) 2023
- 2nd evaluation (online presentation screening) to take place on 21 April (Fri) 2023 (online)
* To be separately notified and subject to change upon the Centre’s discretion.


3. Bidder Qualifications

An entity that is equipped with the qualifications for participating in the bidding and can perform the service in accordance with Article 12 of the Enforcement Decree of the “Act on Contracts to which the State is a Party” and Article 14 of the Enforcement Rule of the Act.

An entity that does not fall under the restriction that is specified in Article 76 of the Enforcement Decree of the “Act on Contracts to which the State is a Party”

An entity that does not have any disqualification reasons such as cancellation of registration, closure of business, suspension of business, suspension of qualifications, and designation as unfair companies, as of the notice date

* Please refer to the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea. (Korea Legislation Research Institute, elaw.klri.re.kr)

* Given that the research and in-depth analysis for the publication will require expertise and accessibility within the ASEAN region as well as network of ASEAN ESG experts and companies, research entity having expertise in ASEAN and ASEAN-Korea relations is preferred


4. Selection of Contract Candidates

From the result of the comprehensive evaluation on the proposals (technical evaluation 85% and price evaluation 15%), negotiations shall be conducted sequentially in the order of the highest-scored entities. However, price evaluation shall be conducted only for those entities that have obtained 72.25 (85% of 85 points) or higher out of 85 points in the technical evaluation.

The technical evaluation is composed of 1st document screening and the 2nd presentation screening. (The second screening schedule will be separately notified)

An evaluation committee is composed of internal/external experts, and the evaluation is conducted according to the evaluation criteria for each item.

When there are ties, the entity that has obtained a higher score in the technical evaluation is designated as the priority candidate, and if multiple entities have the same technical evaluation score, the entity that has obtained the highest score in the items with higher point distribution in terms of the detailed evaluation criteria of technical ability is selected as the priority candidate.



5. Nullification of Bids

Bidding by those who are not qualified for participating in the bids and those who fall under the restrictions of the ASEAN-Korea Centre regulations.

The standard for nullifying bids will follow Article 39 of the Enforcement Decree of the “Act on Contracts to which the State is a party” and Article 12 of the Service Bidding Notice of Contract Rules by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance law and regulation of the Republic of Korea.


6. Required Documents (one of each of the following)

Application for the Bidding [Form 1]

Proposal including research proposal and implementation plan

Price Proposal including Calculation Statement (Price Quotation) [Form 2]

Business Registration Certificate (or equivalent)

Auditor’s report for the recent 3 years

- In case the entity is not required to prepare an audit report, other equivalent documents that can state the entity’s financial position can be quoted.

Certificate of the full Payment of the National and Local Taxes

Entity Overview [Form 3]

Project Performance History *(Attachment: Performance Certificate) [Form 4]

Organization Chart and Personnel Status [Form 5]

Pledge of Commitment to the Bidding Procedure and Result [Form 6]

Pledge to Implement Integrity Pact [Form 7]

Consent to Collecting and Using Personal Information [Form 8]


7. Other Matters

The entity should fully acknowledge all the information on the bidding before starting the application process, and it is the entity’s full responsibility to be aware of the necessary procedures and details.

Submitted documents should be original or guaranteed as original, and will not be returned. Expenses for preparing the proposal will not be reimbursed.

All rights to the submitted documents belong to the ASEAN-Korea Centre.

Other contract-related matters are subject to contract-related laws, such as the “Act on Contracts to which the State is a Party.”


8. Contact Us

Address: 8th fl., 124, Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (04520)

Contact Information: Ms. Go-wun KIM, Senior Officer, Trade and Investment Unit

(+82-2-2287-1192, gwkim@aseankorea.org)

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