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A look into how ASEAN and Korean youths perceive each other

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ASEAN-Korea Centre is an International Organization mandated to promote economic and socio-cultural cooperation between ASEAN Member States and Korea.


A look into how ASEAN and Korean youths perceive each other

- ASEAN-Korea Centre to organize the ‘Roundtable Discussions on the Results of the Survey on Mutual Perceptions of ASEAN and Korean Youths’ -

- January 26th at 15:00 (KST), to be live-streamed via YouTube (youtube.com/akcsns) -


The roundtable discussion on the mutual perceptions of ASEAN and Korean youths hosted by the ASEAN-Korea Centre (Secretary General Kim Hae-yong) will be livestreamed on the Centre’s YouTube channel on Wednesday, January 26th at 15:00-17:00 (KST). Held under the title ‘Enhancing Mutual Perceptions for a Sustainable Partnership’, the roundtable will invite experts from the ASEAN Secretariat, ASEAN Foundation, National Institute for International Education, Korea JoongAng Daily and Channel News Asia to exchange views on the key findings of the “Survey on Mutual Perceptions of ASEAN and Korean Youth” conducted by the ASEAN Korea Centre in 2021.


There will be particular focus on the role of media and social media in shaping the perception of youth as there have not been as many face-to-face exchange programs in the past two years of the pandemic. Indeed, it was observed from the survey that most youth accessed information and contents on ASEAN and Korea through either the SNS, internet or via TV programs. As such, the roundtable will explore how Korean and ASEAN media/social media can contribute to deepening mutual understanding and shaping a positive perception towards each other. Also, despite the growing influence of social media, youths of both regions, nevertheless continued to emphasize the importance of exchange and cooperation among non-government entities for continued development of ASEAN-Korea relations. As such, discussion on ways to enhance mutual understanding through people-to-people exchanges and education will also take place during the roundtable.


Although there were past studies on the public’s perceptions of ASEAN/Korea and the New Southern Policy, there has not been much research on the mutual perceptions of ASEAN and Korean youths despite its importance in realizing the vision of an “ASEAN-Korea Community centered on its peoples”. Accordingly, the survey conducted by the ASEAN-Korea Centre aimed to identify the current perceptions of ASEAN and Korean youths of each other and some of changes that took place since 2017 when a similar survey was carried out, as well as explore the future direction of people-to-people exchanges and next-generation programs in the post-pandemic era. The online survey asked 3,300 ASEAN and Korean youths aged 19-34 years on a range of questions pertaining to their perception of ASEAN/Korea and ASEAN-Korea partnership. The full report of the findings will be published in both Korean and English and a short video clip on the key findings will be available on the AKC’s website and YouTube channel.


Annex 1. Program Outline of the Roundtable

Annex 2. Infographics of Key Survey Findings

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