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No.PR/22-09DateJuly 15, 2022
ContactProgram Inquiries: Lim Sara, Program Officer, IDU (02-2287-1144, srlim@aseankorea.org)
Press Inquiries: Kim Hyun-ji, Senior Officer, IDU (02-2287-1143, hjk@aseankorea.org)
ASEAN-Korea Centre is an International Organization mandated to promote economic and socio-cultural cooperation between ASEAN Member States and Korea.


ASEAN-KoreaCentre calls youth to envision sustainable ASEAN-Korea partnership

- Launch of “2022 ASEAN-Korea Academic Essay Contest” -

- Announcement of selected proposals on July 5 -


ASEAN-Korea Centre(Secretary General Kim Hae-yong) announced the list of shortlisted essay proposalson July 5. The proposals will further develop into full essays for the finalsubmission for the “2022 ASEAN-Korea Academic Essay Contest”. The contest invitesuniversity students of ASEAN and Korean nationality to take active part in thediscourse of future ASEAN-Korea partnership.


With the aim tofoster youth’s interests and produce scholarly works on ASEAN-Korea relations,the contest is designed to present the youths’ ideas on the overarching themeof ‘Strengthening Cooperation and Advancing a Sustainable ASEAN-KoreaPartnership’, through one of the three given sub-themes: 1) ASEAN Centralityand Strategic Importance of ASEAN-Korea Cooperation, 2) Opportunities andProspects in Future Industries, and 3) Enhancing Mutual Cultural Understanding andPerception.


This year, aproposal submission stage has been newly added, and the students are encouragedto work individually or in teams (up to 3 students) with guidance and supportfrom their academic advisor. A total of 67 proposals out of 105 proposals weresuccessfully selected with the support of a qualified panel of judges from bothASEAN and Korea. From July 5 to September 25, the selected participants willundergo the final essay submission stage. Winners will be announced on October24.


This year’scontest rewards include cash prizes for 9 outstanding winners along with theopportunity for three Grand Prize winners to present their winning essays atthe “2022 ASEAN-Korea Forum”, scheduled to be held on November 24.Additionally, the Forum is also expected to provide contest winners with theopportunity to participate in discussions and build academic networks withacademia and fellow young scholars.


Held in sevenconsecutive years, the ASEAN-Korea Academic Essay Contest continues to providean academic platform for youth to share their views and perspectives for asustainable and resilient ASEAN-Korea partnership. Since 2016, the Contest havereceived 829 essays submissions from undergraduate and graduate students acrossASEAN and Korea and awarded 68 outstanding winners. This year, the contest isorganized in cooperation with the Korea University ASEAN Center (KUAC) and the RoyalUniversity of Law and Economics (RULE) of Cambodia. It is also supported by theASEAN Secretariat, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea,and the ASEAN University Network.

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