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Opening of Jeju ASEAN Hall

No.PR/22-10DateSept 14, 2022
ContactProgram Inquiries: Park Kyoung, Senior Officer, CTU (02-2287-1120, kpark@aseankorea.org)
Press Inquiries: Kim Hyun-ji, Senior Officer, IDU (02-2287-1143, hjk@aseankorea.org)
ASEAN-Korea Centre is an International Organization mandated to promote economic and socio-cultural cooperation between ASEAN Member States and Korea.


“JejuASEAN Hall” and “ASEAN Tourism Promotional Vehicle” to bring charms of ASEAN toJeju Island

- ASEAN-Korea Centre to officially open “Jeju ASEAN Hall” on September 15 -

- Minister of Foreign Affairs, Governor of Jeju Special Self-governing Province,10 ASEAN Ambassadors to attend the official Opening Ceremony -

- “ASEAN Tourism Promotion Vehicle” to promote ASEAN culture and tourismin Jeju from September 15 to 18 -


ASEAN-KoreaCentre (Secretary General Kim Hae-yong) will hold the official Opening Ceremonyof “Jeju ASEAN Hall (ASEAN Shimpang)”, the only permanent exhibition hall inJeju introducing ASEAN culture and tourism, at 15:00 on September 15. Locatedin the International Peace Center Jeju of Jungmun Tourist Complex, the JejuASEAN Hall is expected to contribute to enhancing awareness and understandingon ASEAN-Korea culture and tourism as well as in promoting people-to-peopleexchanges. The Hall is jointly operated by the ASEAN-Korea Centre, Jeju SpecialSelf-Governing Province, and the International Peace Foundation in Jeju.


Program for the OpeningCeremony: ▲OpeningRemarks by Secretary General Kim Hae-yong of ASEAN-Korea Centre, CongratulatoryRemarks by ▲Ministerof Foreign Affairs, ▲Governorof Jeju Special Self-governing Province, ▲Ambassador of Cambodia (Chair ofASEAN Committee in Seoul)


Under the theme of “WeavingValues Together”, the exhibition showcases craftworks that express eachcountry’s traditional and modern sense, as well as videos and photographsreflecting the respective lives and culture of ASEAN and Korea. The exhibition,composed of four sections, is designed to encourage each visitor to discoverthe beauty of everyday life in ASEAN and Jeju and to get a sense of“solidarity” between ASEAN and Korea towards a better future based on mutualunderstanding and respect. The installation ofdigital kiosks in the Hall is also expected to further enhance visitors’experience and access to information on ASEAN member states, their tourismresources, and descriptions of the displayed items.


TheASEAN-Korea Centre will organize the “ASEAN Tourism Promotional Vehicle (ATPV)”in Jeju, in conjunction with the official opening of Jeju ASEAN Hall. The ATPVwill visit major tourism destinations* and schools** in Jeju from September 15to 18, with an aim to raise public interest in ASEAN and provide the latestinformation on ASEAN travel.


*Major stops of ATPV: ▲SaebyulOreum Volcanic Cone, ▲DongmunTraditional Market, ▲SeongsanSunrise Peak

**School stops of ATPV: ▲JejuNational University, ▲JungmunMiddle School


With the theme ‘DiscoverASEAN, the Destination for every Dream’, the ATPV will travel throughoutJeju Island and hold events through which visitors can learn more about the 10ASEAN member states in a fun and interesting manner. Visitors can take part ina variety of events, such as True or False quiz, Capsule quiz, Dice-throwingand Picture-matching games, that will be held in certain segments of thepromotional tour and have a chance to earn souvenirs and free tickets to theJeju ASEAN Hall. Photo zone and survey events will also be available at alltimes. The operation schedule of the ATPV is available on the ASEAN-KoreaCentre website (www.aseankorea.org) and social media channels(www.instagram.com/asean_korea_centre).


SecretaryGeneral Kim Hae-yong of ASEAN-Korea Centre noted that “AKC is proud to presentthe Jeju ASEAN Hall and the ASEAN Tourism Promotion Vehicle in Jeju Island, thelocation of the very first ASEAN-Korea Special Commemorative Summit in 2009 anda popular travel destination for both Koreans and foreigners. We hope thatthrough the ATPV, not only residents in Jeju but also tourists will have a chanceto learn more about ASEAN in a fun and easier manner. By visiting the JejuASEAN Hall, we hope that the visitors will be further introduced to the diversecharms of ASEAN culture and tourism, thereby enhancing mutual understanding on theASEAN-Korea relations”.


Annex 1. Webbanner of Jeju ASEAN Hall

Annex 3. Traveldestinations of ATPV

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