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ASEAN and Korea to gather in Jeju Island to discuss tourism management

No.PR/19-23Date19 August 2019
ContactProgram Inquiries: Jung Ji-seung, Senior Officer, CTU (+82-2-2287-1129, jsjung@aseankorea.org)
Press Inquiries: Cho Ah-ra, PR Officer, IDU (+82-2-2287-1149, ahracho@aseankorea.org)
ASEAN-Korea Centre is an International Organization mandated to promote economic and socio-cultural cooperation between ASEAN Member States and Korea.

ASEAN-Korea Centre and Asian Development Bank to jointly hold the ‘ASEAN-Korea Tourism Development Workshop’

- Specialists from ASEAN and Korea to discuss regional tourism management in ASEAN (18-24 August, Jeju, Korea) -

Jeju, Korea – The ASEAN-Korea Centre (Secretary General Lee Hyuk) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) will co-organize the 「ASEAN-Korea Tourism Development Workshop」 on regional tourism management, from 19 to 24 August in Jeju, Korea. Around 50 policy makers and business representatives in the tourism sector from 10 ASEAN countries and Korea will participate to discuss strategic planning and development in the tourism sector. The Workshop will consist of lectures, group discussions and case studies on regional tourism policy development and marketing strategies as well as technical visits to major tourist destinations in Jeju.

During the one-week program, regional specialists and tourism experts from ADB will give presentations on △ the issue of ‘over-tourism’ in ASEAN, △ how to maximize tourism yield, △ various marketing and promotion strategies, △ tourism in the era of sharing economy, and on the △ importance of management and strengthening partnerships. On August 22, speakers from the Korea Tourism Organization, Jeju Tourism Organization, and Jeju Olle will share Korea’s experience on tourism policy development and marketing strategies. The participants will also gain firsthand experience through site visits in Jeju.

Lee Hyuk, Secretary General of the ASEAN-Korea Centre said, “Today, ASEAN is the number one tourist destination for Koreans with the number of Koreans visiting ASEAN cities reaching 9 million in 2018. As a primary consumer of ASEAN’s tourism resources and a future partner of shared prosperity, Korea is not only an important partner but in fact a major stakeholder in developing sustainable tourism together with ASEAN. In this regard, I hope this Workshop serves as an important vehicle for Korea to share its best practices and know-how with ASEAN and pave the way for regional cooperation on sustainable tourism.”


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