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Explore countless charms of ASEAN at the heart of Seoul City

No.PR/20-18Date2 November 2020
ContactProgram Inquiries: Cho Hyun-myung, Senior Officer, CTU (+82-2-2287-1133, eylee@aseankorea.org)
Press Inquiries: Hwang Jiseon, Senior Officer, IDU (+82-2-2287-1149, hjs@aseankorea.org)
ASEAN-Korea Centre is an International Organization mandated to promote economic and socio-cultural cooperation between ASEAN Member States and Korea.

Explore countless charms of ASEAN at the heart of Seoul City

- ‘ASEAN Culture & Tourism Showcase’ to present ASEAN’s tourism gems, rich cultures, and authentic delicacies through a variety of programs ? ‘Tourism Promotion Booth & Photo Exhibition (Nov. 4-6)’, ‘Culture & Tourism Pavilion (Nov. 4-25)’, EBS the Best Cooking Secrets (Aired on Nov. 9-13), and ‘ASEAN Culinary Art Book (Dec.)’ -

Seoul, Korea - The ASEAN-Korea Centre (Secretary General Lee Hyuk) will organize the ‘ASEAN Culture and Tourism Showcase 2020’ to present tourist attractions, cultures, and authentic delicacies of 10 ASEAN countries through a variety of sub-programs ? ‘ASEAN Tourism Promotion Booth & Photo Exhibition (Nov. 4-6, Korea Press Center Garden)’, ‘ASEAN Culture & Tourism Pavilion (Nov. 4-25)’, EBS ‘the Best Cooking Secrets (To be aired on Nov. 9-13 on EBS1 TV)’, and ‘ASEAN Culinary Art Book’ publication (Dec.). The event is supported by the ASEAN Secretariat.

For those longing to travel to the ASEAN region, the ‘ASEAN Tourism Promotion Booth & Photo Exhibition’ and ‘ASEAN Culture & Tourism Pavilion’ will bring ASEAN to the heart of Seoul. The Booth & Exhibition will be held from 4-6 November at the Press Center Garden, which will provide a unique travel experience to ASEAN through the camera lens. Photos that vividly capture the beauty of 10 ASEAN countries will be displayed. More photos will be uploaded online on the ASEAN-Korea Centre website (http://www.aseankorea.org) from 4 to 25 November.

The Culture & Tourism Pavilion, scheduled to be set up from 4-25 November at Arc N Book (Euljiro), aims to bring back the memories of previous trips to ASEAN by displaying lifestyle products, artistic objects, musical instruments, and books from ASEAN countries. Starting with the ‘ASEAN Day’ event on 4 November, special national events will be held throughout the 22 days showcasing each of the 10 ASEAN countries.

For those craving for mouth-watering ASEAN dishes, EBS ‘The Best Cooking Secrets’, one of the longest-running Korean TV cooking shows, will feature the iconic dishes of the 10 ASEAN countries. Celebrity chef Shin Hyo Sub, along with show host Kim Dong-wan, will cook two dishes on each episode throughout the 5 episodes, which will be aired every day at 10:50am-11:20am, 9-13 November on EBS1 TV. The show will provide detailed recipes so that viewers can re-create the dishes that they enjoyed during their trips to ASEAN at home and learn about the ASEAN's culinary cultures and cultural backgrounds.

The Culinary Art Book, Stories Around the Table, scheduled to be published in early December, will delve deeper into the ‘soul food’ and lifestyles of ASEAN people and provide information on signature dishes, recipes, and lifestyles, with photos taken in cooperation with the Embassies of 10 ASEAN Member States in Seoul.

Secretary General Lee Hyuk noted that “The ASEAN region is the most loved travel destination for Korean people, with 10 million Korean travelers visiting the region in 2019. Unfortunately, the global spread of the coronavirus has prevented many Koreans from travelling to Southeast Asia this year. In this regard, the ASEAN-Korea Centre is organizing the ‘ASEAN Culture & Tourism Showcase 2020’ to provide many Koreans with the chance to relieve their nostalgia for travelling, while simultaneously offering the opportunity to deepen their understanding of culture, tourism, and food of the ASEAN countries.”

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