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AKC Centre, ASEAN Reflected in the Eyes of Youth

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ContactProgram Inquiries: Cho Yeon-woo, Project Assistant, IDU (+82-2-2287-1177, ywcho@aseankorea.org)
Press Inquiries: Kim Hyun-ji, Senior Officer, IDU (+82-2-2287-1146, hjk@aseankorea.org)
ASEAN-Korea Centre is an International Organization mandated to promote economic and socio-cultural cooperation between ASEAN Member States and Korea.


AKC Centre, ASEAN Reflected in the Eyes of Youth

- ‘ASEAN-Korea Youth Contest’ Awards Ceremony and Exhibition to be held 26 November (Fri) 15:00-16:00 (KST) ASEAN Hall & Livestreaming on AKC’s Youtube Channel (youtube.com/akcsns) -


The ASEAN-Korea Centre (Secretary General Kim Hae-yong) will hold the ‘ASEAN-Korea Youth Contest’ Awarding Ceremony & Exhibition on 26 November (Friday) 15:00 both on-site at the ASEAN-Korea Center, and online through live streaming on Youtube (ASEAN-Korea Center YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/akcsns).


The contest was organized to provide the youth an opportunity to enhance their understanding of ASEAN and develop their multicultural sensibility, features the “AKC Student Content Contest” and “ASEAN School Tour Naming Contest”.


First, the AKC Student Content Contest under the theme of △ASEAN and I △My Parent’s ASEAN Homeland, allows for students to express their creativity and views on of ASEAN through drawing, photos, or videos. Amongst the submitted artworks and videos, a total of 27 works were selected through expert screening and public voting processes. In the ASEAN School Tour Naming Contest, “ASEAN Learn to You” as the Secretary-General’s Award for its attractive nickname to represent the ASEAN School Tour Program.


The students selected as the winners of the AKC Student Content Contest and ASEAN School Tour Naming Contest will attend the Awards Ceremony on 26 November and have an opportunity to meet ASEAN officials, and experience international exchanges. The awards ceremony will be held in the following order: △Awards announcement △Showcasing of award-winning videos, and △Commentary from the judges. Meanwhile, the award-winning drawings and photographs will be exhibited in the lobby of the Korea Press Center for one week from 25 November (Thu) to 2 December (Thu).

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