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ASEAN Home Meal Replacement products to capture the Korean consumers’ attention

No.PR/19-11Date2019.5.2 (Thu)
ContactProgram Inquiries: Lee Eun-young, Program Officer, TIU (+82-2-2287-1124, eylee@aseankorea.org)
Press Inquiries: Bang Gee-hyun, Assistant PR Officer, IDU (+82-2-2287-1173, ghbang@aseankorea.org)
ASEAN-Korea Centre is an International Organization mandated to promote economic and socio-cultural cooperation between ASEAN Member States and Korea.

ASEAN Home Meal Replacement products to capture the Korean consumers’ attention

- ASEAN-Korea Centre to organize ‘ASEAN Pop-up Store’ at Seoul International Home Meal Replacement Show 2019 (9-11May, COEX, Seoul) –

- HMR products including shrimp·garlicroll, instant laksa, curry paste from Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand will be introduced -

Seoul, Korea - The ASEAN-Korea Centre (Secretary General Lee Hyuk) will organize the ‘ASEAN Pop-up Store’ at the Seoul International Home Meal Replacement Show 2019 from 9 to 11 May at COEX, Seoul, Korea. At the Pop-up Store, a total of 13 Home Meal Replacement (HMR) exportersfrom Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand will showcase diverse products to seek business opportunities in Korea where the number of single-person households continue to rise rapidly in recent years. Co-organized by the Ministry of Commerce of Myanmar, EnterpriseSingapore, Department of International Trade Promotion of Royal Thai Government, the event will also offer 1:1 business meeting with Korean and international buyers.

Lee Hyuk Secretary General of the ASEAN-Korea Centre noted that “Home Meal Replacement recently gained attention asa promising business sector with a growing number of one-person/dual-income households and silver generation in Korea. According to the Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Corporation, HMR business in Korea almost doubled over the course of five years from 1.7 trillionwon in 2013 to 3 trillion won in 2017. Against this backdrop, I hope the ‘ASEAN Pop-up Store’ could provide Korean consumers with a quick and convenient way of enjoying ASEAN food and snacks and offer ASEAN exporters with market access opportunities to makeinroads in Korea.”

At the ‘ASEAN Pop-up Store’, shrimp, garlic, onion rolls from Myanmar, instant fried rice with meat and ‘satay’ fromSingapore that can be easily cooked in microwaves and air-fryers will be displayed along with other pre-prepared food products. And snacks like dried mango and durian (Thailand) and well-known Southeast Asian food such as ‘laksa’ from Singapore and curry fromThailand will also be introduced. 1:1 business meetinga with Korean and international buyers will be arranged to support the 13 participating ASEAN companies based on their product types and business needs.

Since 2009, the ASEAN-Korea Centre has been hosting the ASEAN Trade Fair to promote co-prosperity of ASEAN and Korea. At the ‘ASEAN Pavilion’ held in the SeoulInternational Seafood Show from 22 to 24 April 2019, seafood products of 34 companies from 5 ASEAN member states (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam) were showcased and approximately 120 business meeting were successfully conducted. Meanwhile,marking the 10th Anniversary of its establishment, the ASEAN-Korea Centre will continue to hold ASEAN Trade Fair at Korea International Furniture & Interior Fair in August and Global Game Exhibition in November to facilitate the entry of ASEAN productsinto the Korean market.


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