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A YouTube talk show starring ASEAN millennials to highlight trendy ASEAN

No.PR/20-15Date14 September 2020
ContactProgram Inquiries: Kim Yong-hee, Officer, IDU (02-2287-1194, yhkim@aseankorea.org)
Press Inquiries: Hwang Jiseon, Senior Officer, IDU (+82-2-2287-1149, hjs@aseankorea.org)
ASEAN-Korea Centre is an International Organization mandated to promote economic and socio-cultural cooperation between ASEAN Member States and Korea.

A YouTube talk show starring ASEAN millennials to highlight trendy ASEAN

- ASEAN-Korea Centre to launch ‘Hey ASEAN’, an informative yet fun video series on ASEAN -
- The first episode to be released on Oct. 16 on the YouTube Channel of the ASEAN-Korea Centre -

Seoul, Korea - The ASEAN-Korea Centre (Secretary General Lee Hyuk) will launch ‘Hey ASEAN’, a YouTube talk series starring ASEAN millennials who are currently studying or working in Korea. The show, consisting of a total of 5 episodes, will feature ASEAN youths talking, in fluent Korean, about several themes such as language, travel, and food, highlighting diverse aspects of their home countries and the ASEAN region.

The first episode of the show, titled “Do You Speak ASEAN?”, will be released on the YouTube Channel of the ASEAN-Korea Centre (http://www.youtube.com/akcsns) on 16 October. Celebrating Hangeul Day, the Korean Alphabet Day, youth from Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, and Vietnam will talk about language ? how they learned Korean, their first impressions of Hanguel, and the similarities and differences of the languages in the region.

Lee Hyuk, Secretary General of the ASEAN-Korea Centre, noted that “Despite the increased interests in and favorable public perception on ASEAN in Korea following the launch of the New Southern Policy and the success of the ASEAN-Korea Commemorative Summit, most of the ASEAN-related contents on existing media are still very much focused on showing ASEAN as an economic partner and highlighting exotic tourist destinations, and introducing authentic delicacies. There are not many contents related to ASEAN millennials who make up approximately 30% (Age: 20-39) of the total population of the ASEAN Community. In order to give more attention to the voices of the ASEAN youth, the ASEAN-Korea Centre has launched the ‘Hey ASEAN’ video series featuring ASEAN millennials in Korea who will be introducing ASEAN to Koreans in a fun, casual, and friendly way.”

The second episode, slated to be released next month, will be about “Virtual Travelling in ASEAN and Korea.” This episode will present recent tourism trends among millennials in both ASEAN and Korea by covering exotic hotels, newly built constructions, must-visit places for school excursions in their home countries, special items and must-buy items in the ASEAN countries, and specific rules and etiquettes to follow when visiting Muslim countries.

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