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한-아세안센터 사업활동 AKC 소식 자료실


The 6th ASEAN Connectivity Forum

The 6th ASEAN Connectivity Forum

27 November 2018, Grand Hall, KCCI

Opening Remarks

by H.E. Lee Hyuk, Secretary General of the ASEAN-Korea Centre

◆ Mr. Kim Jun-dong, Executive Vice Chairman of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

◆ His Excellency Rowel Barba, Undersecretary of the Department of Trade and Industry of the Philippines,

◆ His Excellency Yoon Soon-gu, Deputy Minister for Political Affairs of the Foreign Affairs of Korea,

◆ His Excellency Mark Knapper, Deputy Assistant Secretary of US Department of State

Excellencies, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my honor and privilege to welcome you all to the 6th ASEAN Connectivity Forum. First, I would like to thank our co-organizer, Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, for making this Forum possible.

My special thanks to our honored guest speakers and participants for giving us your time to participate in the Forum.

In particular, (I would like to express) my deepest appreciation to Overseas Private Investment Corporation for joining here for the first time.

(Importance of ASEAN)

Home to 640 million people, ASEAN as a region has GDP of 2.8 trillion US dollars, trade volume of 2.6 trillion US dollars and average annual growth of 5%.

ASEAN is currently the world’s fifth-largest economic power playing a key role in the global economy.

(ASEAN-Korea Relations)

ASEAN is a special and valued friend to Korea. The region is Korea’s second largest trading partner with two-way trade volume reaching nearly 150 million US dollars last year.

It is also Korea’s third largest investment destination with investment of 5 billion US dollars in the previous year.

Korea’s New Southern Policy that President Moon Jae-in announced in Manila last year is a clear indicator of Korea’s interest to deepen its engagement with ASEAN.

This policy is also expected to make the economic bridge between ASEAN and Korea even more substantive. The policy states that:

First, the Korean Government set the goal to achieve 200 billion US dollars in bilateral trade by 2020.

Second, the Government will double the yearly ASEAN-ROK Fund to 14 million US dollars by 2019.

Lastly, the Government will raise 100 million US dollars by 2022 to create the “ASEAN-Korea Infrastructure Fund” to promote mutual cooperation in four key areas of transportation, energy, water resources and smart city.

(ASEAN-Korea Cooperation in Infrastructure Development)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Realizing the ASEAN Vision 2025 means realizing an ASEAN that is well-connected, both internally and with the rest of the world.

ASEAN Connectivity underpins the Community-building process and will aid ASEAN Member States to further integrate themselves by creating a competitive region, increase innovation and resilience, and provide a long-term foundation for inclusive and equitable growth in the region, as well as a greater sense of Community.

Korea has much experience, expertise, technology and global competitiveness in infrastructure development.

More importantly, Koreans have huge enthusiasm and will to cooperate with ASEAN.

Thus, Korea is well positioned to make great contribution to improving ASEAN’s connectivity.

To promote mutual cooperation, Korean government recently established the Korea Overseas Infrastructure & Urban Development Corporation (KIND) and held the first ASEAN-Korea Infrastructure Ministers’ Meeting.

(ASEAN Connectivity Forum)

The ASEAN-Korea Centre takes the initiative to facilitate mutual cooperation in infrastructure sector.

The Centre has been holding the annual ASEAN Connectivity Forum to strengthen bilateral cooperation and to encourage more Korean business community to take part in the infrastructure projects in the region.

The ASEAN Connectivity Forum serves as a platform to introduce up-to-date ASEAN’s development plans, connectivity-related infrastructure projects and financial procurement methods by inviting 10 ASEAN Member States’ infrastructure-related government officials and experts from global financial organizations.

As a result, the ASEAN Connectivity Forum has been recognized and commended by the Leaders of ASEAN and Korea in their Summit Meetings every year.

The Forum was praised as an exemplary of enhancing connectivity through cooperation between ASEAN and its dialogue partners.

In its 6th year today, the Forum continues to offer a practical platform for the ASEAN public and Korean private sector to discuss business opportunities in ASEAN Connectivity.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the 33rd ASEAN Summit, the Leaders of ASEAN and Korea agreed to hold the special summit next year to commemorate the 30th anniversary.

I hope that today’s Forum will provide a solid foundation that brings stronger ties among various stakeholders in ASEAN connectivity.

Finally, before I conclude my remarks, I would like to once again warmly welcome you all for being with us today, and hope everyone has a productive and fruitful time.

Thank you. 감사합니다.

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