Greetings from Secretary General

The ASEAN-Korea Centre will contribute to further
enhancing the mutually beneficial partnership
by accelerating the cooperative momentum
between ASEAN and Korea.

The ASEAN-Korea Center is an international organization with the mandate to promote economic and socio-cultural relations between ASEAN and Korea. Through numerous activities, the Centre actively engages its stakeholders to create an environment for mutually beneficial and sustainable cooperation in various fields such as trade, investment, culture, tourism, and people-to-people exchanges.

In spite of rising complex challenges as well as the prolonged pandemic situation, the Centre has continued its efforts in supporting non-contact exchanges, venturing into new areas of cooperation, and expanding opportunities for collaboration in order to keep the momentum of cooperation between ASEAN and Korea.

Recently, the Korean government announced the "Korea-ASEAN Solidarity Initiative", a core component of its foreign policy of "Strategy for a Free, Peaceful and Prosperous Indo-Pacific Region", reaffirming ASEAN as an important partner for regional peace and common prosperity. As the only international organization dedicated to ASEAN-Korea relations, the Centre will thus faithfully fulfill its role so that the "Korea-ASEAN Solidarity Initiative" of Korea and the “ASEAN Outlook on Indo-Pacific” of ASEAN can create great synergy with one another.

In the rise of the Indo-Pacific era of the 21st century, the ASEAN-Korea Centre will promote various exchanges and cooperation that can contribute to the continued development of mutually beneficial cooperation based upon mutual respect and understanding between ASEAN and Korea.

First, we will seek to promote and foster sustainable economic cooperation in new growth industries such as ESG and e-mobility sectors, and build a platform where increased trade and investment can better contribute to the economic growth for both ASEAN and Korea.

Second, we will continue to promote ASEAN's cultural and tourism contents in Korea as well as strengthen activities that can contribute to revitalizing ASEAN-Korea tourism industry through various platforms. We will also actively utilize the ASEAN Halls in Seoul and Jeju, the latter which opened in 2022, to promote greater cultural understanding between peoples of ASEAN and Korea and promote effective people-to-people exchanges.

Third, we will take the lead in laying a strong foundation for solidarity and cooperation between future generations of ASEAN and Korea. This includes by implementing effective programs to enhance mutual understanding and encourage robust human networks especially among the youths who will play a leading role in developing healty and mature relationships in the future. Furthermore, we will also continue to actively make use of digital platforms to improve access to information on ASEAN-Korea relations as well as create a venue for effective communication across all generations.

Finally, through collaboration and cooperation with various organizations in ASEAN and Korea, we intend to expand the scope of our activities and ensure the implementation of cooperative activities in a more effective and strategic manner, while further building on expertise as an international organization that plays a pivotal role in ASEAN-Korea cooperation.

With the above initiatives in 2023, the ASEAN-Korea Centre looks forward to your continued interest and support for ASEAN-Korea relations as well as for the activities of the ASEAN-Korea Centre. Thank you.
Kim Hae-yong, Secretary General of the ASEAN-Korea Centre