AKC Units

Asean-Korea Centre
  • COUNCIL:Supreme decision-making body composed of representatives from 11 Members
  • SECRETARIAT:Administrative body composed of Secretary General and 4 Units
  • EXECUTIVE BOARD:Supervisory and advisory body composed of representatives appointed by 11 Members

Development Planning & General Affairs Unit, Trade & Investment Unit, Culture & Tourism Unit, Information & Data Unit

Development Planning & General Affairs Unit

Many people are meeting in conference rooms.

Broaden External Relations and Strengthen Organizational Capacity

  • Devise the vision and strategic objectives of AKC as well as plan and coordinate work programs
  • Organize Annual Meeting of the Council and Quarterly Meetings of the Executive Board
  • Build and expand partnerships with governments, international organizations, and relevant organizations in ASEAN and Korea
  • Strengthen the capacity of AKC and its staff by improving the working environment and system and training programs
  • Unit Contact. 02.2287.1115

Trade & Investment Unit

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to mark the opening of the ASEAN-Korea Centre

Strengthen sustainable and mutually beneficial economic partnership between ASEAN and Korea

  • Enhance ASEAN-Korea partnership in innovative sectors such as e-mobility as well as promote the implementation of ESG practices among ASEAN businesses
  • Identify future business opportunities and areas of cooperation based on ASEAN and Korea priorities and outlook on ASEAN economy
  • Support integration of ASEAN MSMEs in global/regional value chains through trade fairs and customized capacity building programs

Support post-COVID-19 economic recovery and growth in ASEAN and Korea

  • Accelerate digital economy in the region through provision of capacity building programs to ASEAN start-ups with great potential
  • Promote and support ASEAN Connectivity initiatives in relation to ASEAN’s recovery efforts under MPAC 2025 and identify new investment opportunities
  • Expand public-private partnerships and business networks between ASEAN and Korea
  • Unit Contact. 02.2287.1123

ASEAN Connectivity Forum The ASEAN Connectivity Forum is a representative event of the ASEAN-Korea Centre that supports the advancement of ASEAN-Korea cooperation by rolling out the “ASEAN Connectivity Master Plan 2025” five strategies for ASEAN integration and the ASEAN Connectivity Project.

ASEAN-Korea Startup Week The ASEAN-Korea Startup Week is an annual program held by the ASEAN-Korea Centre to provide a platform to bridge the gap between the Korean and ASEAN startup ecosystems.
The ASEAN-Korea Startup Week, which started in 2018, enlists promising ASEAN startups to form a network with Korean partners and participate in capacity building.

Culture & Tourism Unit

Dignitaries join hands at the Weaving Value Together

Strengthen exchange in culture and tourism sector and collaboration between ASEAN and Korea

  • Reinforce growing interest and enthusiasm for ASEAN culture and tourism in Korea through cultural and promotional programs
  • Expand database for contents on ASEAN culture and tourism

Promote culture and tourism development of ASEAN and Korea

  • Contribute to ASEAN-Korea cooperation and coordination on tourism by sharing information and good practices
  • Strengthen sustainable, and future-oriented ASEAN-Korea tourism cooperation through capacity building programs
  • Unit Contact. 02.2287.1184


ASEAN WeekAs a multi-faceted cultural event in the form of a festival that brings together the cultures of the 10 ASEAN countries, ASEAN Week is held to raise public awareness of ASEAN and strengthen people-to-people connectivity between ASEAN and Korea.

Information and Data Unit

Youth Network workshop participants

Promote ASEAN-Korea relations through effective PR activities

  • Promote ASEAN-Korea partnership through media and social media networks
  • Expand public outreach and engagement through enhanced digital communications
  • Strengthen AKC’s role as information hub on ASEAN and ASEAN-Korea relations

Foster greater friendship and solidarity among the peoples of ASEAN and Korea

  • Expand networking opportunities and exchanges between ASEAN and Korean youths
  • Nurture interest in and stimulate dialogue on key issues of ASEAN-Korea partnership among experts
  • Promote engagement of AYNK* and CAPK** in developing ASEAN-Korea relation
  • Unit Contact. 02.2287.1146

ASEAN-Korea Youth Network Workshop As one of the flagship programs of the ASEAN-Korea Centre that has been held since 2013, the ASEAN-Korea Youth Network Workshop brings together youths from ASEAN and Korea, who are future players of ASEAN-Korea relations, with the aim to enhance people-to-people exchanges and expand networks.

ASEAN-Korea Forum The ASEAN-Korea Forum invites renowned scholars and policymakers to discuss the challenges and solutions for a sustainable ASEAN-Korea partnership in the long-run.